■  REDUCE Speed Limit  ■
■  ENFORCE Speed Limit  ■
■  Install CROSSWALKS  ■

Bayshore Boulevard is highly touted as the “Crown Jewel” of Tampa Bay… It is promoted as the longest stretch of uninterrupted sidewalk in the Country, and it is where Tampa residents convene on a daily basis to walk, run, stroll, bike, exercise, and more… However, the boulevard road itself has turned into a very dangerous 4-lane highway that is utilized for commuting and high-speed traffic. There are little to no safety measures in place that allow pedestrians to cross safely to the Bayshore… As a result, there have been numerous near-fatal and fatal accidents, including most recently a Mother and her 2-year-old child were struck and fatally killed by a speeding motorist… We are advocating for safety improvements, including the following at a minimum:

■  25 MPH Speed Limit on Bayshore Boulevard
■  Enforcement of the Speed Limit at all times (police presence and/or speed cameras)
■  Installation of flashing pedestrian cross-walks that give pedestrians the right-of-way at each intersection (most important)

This would ensure that Bayshore Boulevard is treated more like Gulf Boulevard at the Pinellas Beaches rather than a 4-Lane Highway. There are currently way too many pedestrians and not enough road safety. Drivers are constantly speeding, minimal safe crossings, and residents get extremely nervous every time they cross to get to the Bayshore. Bayshore should be treated and respected as the park and greenspace it is, and the pedestrians need to be accommodated for in order to help them enjoy it safely.


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June 7, 2018 | News & Updates

What We Can Do Together

Speak Directly to Tampa's Government Leaders and STAND UP for the Lives Lost on Bayshore! Please join us in telling the City of Tampa and Hillsborough County that you won't let another tragedy happen on Bayshore Blvd. Tell them that it's time for a safer and greener Bayshore! HERE IS
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Tampa Transit Activists & Neighborhood Leaders

Originally Posted on Tampa Bay Times TAMPA, FLORIDA - The battle over Bayshore Boulevard is heating up. This week, transit activists launched a petition to turn Bayshore into a scenic drive by lowering the speed limit on the north-south South Tampa artery to 25 mph. Some are also advocating for
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Deaths on Bayshore Boulevard

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Toddler Dies of Injuries

Originally Posted on WFTS Action News TAMPA, FLORIDA - Police say street racing led to the death of a mother and toddler struck by a vehicle while on Bayshore Boulevard. Three people are facing charges. According to Tampa Police, two cars were street racing down Bayshore Boulevard on Wednesday afternoon
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Street Racing Blamed for Mother’s Death

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SUV Crashes Through Bayshore Balustrade

Originally Posted on TBO TAMPA, FLORIDA - An SUV crashed into the Bayshore Boulevard balustrade this morning when the driver lost control and traveled onto the sidewalk, police said. The 46-year-old female driver and a child in her Ford Expedition received minor injuries and were taken to Tampa General Hospital